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Birthdate:Apr 13
DasteRoad is 30-something, Italian, female and a huge nerd. Also PhD. Writer at heart, artist occasionally. Official website is Also rabidly fangirls on tumblr. Draws stuff on deviantART. Is also on twitter and lj and can be reached by e-mail on info [at] dasteroad [dot] com.

In other words yes, DasteRoad is everywhere - just like the nasty, hidden enemies of hygiene. Only worse. Mwa-hahaha!

The main reason why she created this dreamwidth account is to participate in the Homestuck Shipping World Cup. So be afraid. Shit just got serious.

Also she has a fanfic-only tumblr and a shipping wall to boot. Spam her askbox with anon hate about it! But mindless gushing about shared pairings is also welcome.

Please keep in mind she's not a native English speaker, so if at any time something sounds off, you're welcome to let her know.
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